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 Here you will find current updates about our organization, conferences, news, contests,  classes, and historical information.

     We are currently without a President Elect! If you have been thinking about getting involved in an arts organization, this would be the time to put your thoughts into action!  Our President Elect serves on our board for two years, then follows with the Presidency for two years. After the Presidency, you would serve as an advisor to the President for the next two years.
     As President Elect you would be responsible for putting on our annual state art conference. There are already two chairpersons for next year's conference which will be in Reno. You would be responsible for communicating with the chairpersons and members of our group regarding the upcoming conference.
      The following year, you would be responsible for working with the chairpersons and conference committee members to fascillitate the conference in the Las Vegas or the Henderson area.
     Our President serves as the delegate to the National Arts Education Convention for the Delegates Assembly which meets once a year in the spring during the convention. The agenda and direction for the NAEA is established at the Delegates Assembly.
     One of the best reasons to get involved is because you feel you have something to give other teachers. You will meet other like minded people who share your passion for the arts. As past president (2006-2008) I can tell you I've made some life long friends in other states due to the committees and leadership conferences I attended as  president. I was able to see the inside workings of how the NAEA runs, and  how other state organizations plan, develop, and work to the benefit of their members.
     Please contact Vicki Ankrapp at and let
our next President know that you would like to stand behind her!

Top 10 Reasons to Join the
National Art Education Association (NAEA) and the Art Educators of Nevada (AEN)

1. State AND National Membership - automatic association membership of both state and national organizations!

2. NAEA Journals and Publications: Get the latest in visual art education and other topics affecting the arts community. Receive Art Education, a bi-monthly journal; NAEA News, a bi-monthly newspaper; Translations, a twice-a-year research publication; and NAEA Advisory, four sets of single topic articles that focus on timely issues in art education.

3. National Convention: Meet colleagues from around the world, advance your skills, and stimulate your senses each year at this massive gathering of arts professionals.

4. Annual State Conference, collegial connections, and workshops.

5. Galleries - see the art that other classrooms -- and other art instructors are making. Add your own gallery using Artsonia

National Art Honor Society information and forms to create a great program to bring attention to your students and your school.

Facebook Group Link - talk about it here! Tell about your triumphs and your concerns in the world of art education. Search: NAEA-Nevada and National Art Education Association.

Special Interest Groups - Ideas and support for each level of instruction from elementary to administration.

9. Youth Art Month - a statewide advocacy program to promote the arts that includes informing our state legislators about the importance of the arts.

NAEA Awards Program -honorary, scholastic and monetary awards to members.


NAEA Web Site
- this is one jam-packed web site full of information that you will use in your classroom.

"The real reason I'm a member is because of the support and friendships I've made along my career because of my membership! I have had so much fun with so many different people over the years that I can't imagine not belonging this group!, " Kristi Watson - Las Vegas, NV


Join today to strengthen your skills, enrich your resources and to gain support for you, your students, and the community you serve.

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